Crawl In The Pen

Stranded by the window
Your head's giving you pain
Blind man on the corner
Keeps tapping his cane
Drunk across the street
Sliding down the drain
Whichever way you look
The whole town's gone insane

Landlord's at the window
Taking pictures through the glass
You're not allowed to argue
And you do just as he asks
He's a cut above average
Got a cut above his eye
He only lets you keep
What money can't buy

The corner cripple
The dirty trees
The beggar over there
He's down on his knees
Five ghosts disguised as men
Two jailors
Three prisoners
Crawl in the pen

My boss lives in his pocket
He's got a sixth sense
He doesn't know my name
But he wrote the book of recompense
Slaps you round the head
When you ask him the time
He takes your blood
And leaves you with a dime

Storefront mannequins are laughing at me
An old shabby jacket
And holes in the knee
Up and down the street
Money calls the tune
And we all follow the piper
Who plays the silver spoon