The Things That Matter Most

What matters?
When you're far away from home
When the night is cold
And you're all alone
And the road is full of stones

It's the radio that burns
The heart that's free to yearn
It's the time when you can feel
The body you can heal

It’s the air that you can breathe
The pure water you receive
It's the wind upon the coast
The things that matter most

Some people want to be everything
As big as they can be
And some people want to do an honest day’s work
And take care of their family
Some people spend their days in the sun
Others never find a way out of the rain
Some people would say they’re fulfilled
While most search in vain

Hold your head up high
Walk with dignity
Live your days with gravity

It's the smile within your eyes
That breaks right through the lies
It's sleeping by your side
To wash away all the day's denied

It's the stillness in the woods
December light at four o'clock
When all the trees look like ghosts
The things that matter most

It’s the way we choose to live
The love we choose to give