Message To Playwright

I'm ready to start again
To be somebody else
To leave these clothes
And these lines

I don't like the way he says things
I don't like the way he feels
There's too much fear and anguish
And he hurts the ones he loves

So throw away this script
Change the characters
Give me something that rings true
Let's have them say the things they mean

And please don't give us memories
Of all those things that would not be
Just a belief in tomorrow
To make us think we might prevail

You could set it in another country
Maybe a house beside the sea
Or it could be set in London
Or the Outer Hebrides

It doesn't really matter
I just need a little dignity
Make sure there's no illusion
And no hypocrisy

I didn't expect to be here
I thought I could go along
But I sit at the table
And I watch the faces there
Fade away