That's The Time

When you're weary and heavy and in need of rest
And you finally realise that you won't be blessed
When you no longer want to look
Through another window, at another book

That's the time to give some thought to when your race is run
That's the time to give some thought to what it is you might become

I'll be a pebble in a mountain stream
And I'll let the cool clear water wash me clean
I'll be a boat
On the ocean wild
And I'll sail right to your shore
I love you more and more

When people are talking and you turn away
And you don't want to know what it is they have to say
When every new film is one you've already seen
Every journey ends some place you've already been

The mind and the body are entwined
Sometimes a heart stops beating
With a tired mind

The lonely call of a bird on the cradled lake
Or the trees feathered in the mist as the morning breaks
When not even these things can lift you up
When you really know that you've seen enough