Just A Beginning

Whatever you've got
I don't want it
There's a river runs
Right by my door
And once upon a time
I thought by my own intention
I could make this ice thaw
Now I'm not so sure
But it doesn't matter
I'll just be broken
Like all the rest
And no one can be blessed

Look into my eyes
See the descent of a nation
Oh and there
There is the cobbled street
It's where the poets meet
And the ferns that watch the water gurgle
On the pebble stones
Say we'll always be lonely

How much longer
Until the grace of dignity?
How much longer
Until harmony
Unveils her perfect coat?
I've made some decisions
The end of all schemes and labours
It's just a beginning
The river that runs it runs through me
The ship that sails it sails from here
I'm moving with the wind now
And the wind responds