Let My Place

Life is a journey
To a place
In the bright morning
Destinations seem many
But as the tea is served
And the moon starts to rise
We can see where the road is heading
Still there may be time to take a turn

So let my place be a broad leafed wood in springtime
With many paths that run deep to its heart
And let my place be a house on an eastern shore
Whose doors are open wide
Let my place be a garden, an orchard to provide

Life is a journey
On a slowly rising tide
Wave on wave
Islands slip from view
But if the sail is set
And the wind should rise
There's a chance to cross your ocean
There's a chance to find your shore

And let my place be a sound, the colour of a church
With windows lit in deep blue light, flooding sky and earth
And let my place be a rhythm, supple and assured
On which a melody can build and rise and words can find their worth
Let my place be a chord, that echoes through the years
Let my place be an affirmation, a handshake, a ‘Yes!’

Let my place
Be somewhere

And if I cannot see
Reveal this place to me