One Thing After Another

It’s just one thing after another
You try to plan and look ahead
But rails can become detached
And houses can come tumbling down

Some time ago my father died
And still the talks of ‘I just wish’
Then I fell ill, as friends were lost
Fields were ploughed and lovers kissed

So hold on where you can
This game of chance
Plays cold and rough
But sometimes
Sun and moon combine
And the sea is calm
And blue and green

It’s just one thing after another
And some of those things make holes
And some of those holes are large
And one day you may wake up hollowed out

Still what to do but carry on
As gulls rebuild nests after storms
And twig by twig and leaf by leaf
To fill those holes with love and hope

Pear blossom falling in the cool of the morning
The sound of a train on a nearby cliff
Frogs splashing crazy in the pool neath the willow
There’s no stopping now
The fuse was lit

It’s just one thing after another
Bale on bale until the light is dimmed
And then with the moon as your guide
You slip into the dreams of all that’s gone