The Plan Is Unfolding

The plan is unfolding
And like a leaf that’s falling
No one knows where it will land
And all of my troubles
Come from inside my head
The parallel life
The unseen hand
And though I do desire
To see the here and now
Fire as fire, oak as oak
The avenue of trees
And Hemp’s Store standing empty
Find a place behind the eye

Come on and dance with me
Down to the open sea
Where all possibility
Is carried on the wind
Come on take a chance with me
And we’ll write over memory
I’ll never be just what you want me to be
But together we might just be free
Come on take a chance with me

The sky is unfolding
And still we cling to things
That were never ours to hold
And all of my troubles
Come from outside my head
The beautiful are gone
The hypocrites thrive
In the night of the rising tide
They hunger for a chance to sleep
And not to rise to build their walls
And still we just sit and talk
With only one concern
It’s been our problem all along

And for all of those rivers that just ran to mud
And all of those roads that fell away to dust
And for all of those nights that could not
Would not find their dawn
We can fall, we can crawl
We can feel down low
Or we can open up our hearts
And let our spirit flow