I Can't Stand It

All words are lies but there all we've got
Death's all that's left but it's not enough
I want to be free one more time to be broken
Just let me at that slot machine
I got one last token
I can't stand it

Turn me around tell me it's all an illusion
I don't want to be involved in any collusion
I won't take my seat in the house of lies
Weary resignation on the street of compromise
I can't stand it

Get me a box to hide my emotion
Get me a black hood to cut out the commotion
Show me a quiet corner I can sit in
Get me a hand embroidered bag to be sick in
I can't stand it

This hunger inside
I tried to let it ride
But the thirst just got worse
And got the better of me
Can't you see?

I want to be everything or nothing at all
Get me a license to live or send me to the wall
My temperature’s raging, my legs don't feel so strong
Going down for the last time
At least in this song
I can't stand it