In My House

When I look out the window
I only see rain
So now I stand in your view tower
Rattling these chains
Oh Rosemary take me in
You are somewhere that I fit
The bones of the city are weak
And my feet won't grip

But in my house it's always up to me
I don't want to be a casualty
But it all means nothing to me
In my house it's always up to me

Just when I thought it was over
A voice rose from the gloom
Saying forget what you've learnt
There's more to life than doom
So I went into the market place
Like a poor fool will
But the wine was tainted
And the word just made me ill

I kissed the hand of evil
I stepped inside the veil
And now flowers like bullets
Are delivered with the mail
We're drinking from the poison cup
And I for one have had enough
I'm going back to the river
Before the fighting gets too rough