The Path Is Growing Deep

I don’t fear the rain now
But I won’t row the big lake
I might move out with the sun
Summer’s show has gone now
And the lake lies quiet
Just the water and the trees

You can rock me darling
You can hold me darling
You can ease me in my sleep
You can move me darling
You can heal me darling
The path is growing deep

I fall back through the years
And we are by the river’s edge
We wave at someone on a barge
And in the rain and mud
With our intentions clear
We lay down upon the world

I have been to places
That I did not know
That I did not care to see
And in the depth of night
Something found me there
And now nothing looks the same

Everything shines and fades
But it’s the shining that we crave
The luminous present that we need
So let us bring our cloth
Every moment, every step
Every smile, every breath